It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime

Spring is here, as is a parody version of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” to mark the season’s arrival. The idea for this song came many moons ago, when I came up with the lyrics, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime / Everywhere you go / Take a look atContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime”

New Lyric Video– learn all the Midwest states and capitals in 2 minutes! (Plus some ranting about technological snafus)

I made a Youtube video for my “Midwestern States and Capitals” song. I found a blank U.S. map on and filled in the color of each relevant state using MS Paint. Then I made a slide show using Google Slides and put the whole thing together using iMovie. Here is the end result: I’mContinue reading “New Lyric Video– learn all the Midwest states and capitals in 2 minutes! (Plus some ranting about technological snafus)”

The worst lyrics I’ve written yet

This is a song I’ve put off sharing for about 8 months. It’s a follow-up to my song “States and Capitals (of the Northeast!).” The new song is called, “Midwestern States and Capitals.” When editing a project, I sometimes become aware of how inconsistent the line lengths are, or how irregular the pattern of stressed/unstressedContinue reading “The worst lyrics I’ve written yet”

New Song! “Blue Light Glasses”

For this week’s blog post, I wrote a song, since I haven’t written a song in a while. The inspiration comes from my eyes hurting after looking at a screen all day, which I’m sure is a lot of people’s experiences right now. It talks about blue light glasses being a bandaid solution for theContinue reading “New Song! “Blue Light Glasses””

“Lightning in a Bottle” is now on Youtube

Hello! Here is a Youtube video for my song, “Lightning in a Bottle.” I was thinking of putting it up on Youtube a while ago. For the video, my idea was for there to be someone on a couch reading a book, occasionally looking at their phone. Kind of to draw attention to the timeContinue reading ““Lightning in a Bottle” is now on Youtube”

New Lyric Video for “States and Capitals…of the Northeast!”

This is a lyric video I made to help people learn the states and capitals of the Northeast. I made the video using Google Slides with images from Pixabay, clker, and unsplash. These websites have thousands of free images for commercial use, so they were a life-saver. I then put the slides onto iMovie andContinue reading “New Lyric Video for “States and Capitals…of the Northeast!””

“Lightning in a Bottle” – New Song!

This is a song I’m very excited to share. The lyrics are as follows: I swear I do like readingAnd I swear I do like writingBut it’s hard to concentrate these daysThere’s very little time I’ll tell you muse what you can doTo help me focus and improveA little change in circumstanceWould tame my wanderingContinue reading ““Lightning in a Bottle” – New Song!”

“The Tyranny of Expectations” – new song

This song is about navigating expectations from society and yourself. The lyrics are below, as is a beautiful cover by my sister: Trying, failing, falling behindTreading water and wasting timeI’m scared, I’m scared, I’m terrifiedI’ve been given so much and I’ve let it die Shouldn’t I have accomplished more?In what domain I’m not quite sureI’mContinue reading ““The Tyranny of Expectations” – new song”

Song to learn U.S. states and capitals (of the Northeast!)

This is a song I worked on a few months ago. I wanted the song to be a memory/educational aid to help kids learn all 50 states and capitals. Turns out that 50 is a large number and makes a song quite unwieldy, so I cut it down to just the Northeast, as defined byContinue reading “Song to learn U.S. states and capitals (of the Northeast!)”

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