How to Get Bangs in Three Easy Steps

I think that my forehead’s too visibleI need something to make it invisibleI would close my eyes tightSo to block out the sightIf I wasn’t afraid to be risible This past week, I got bangs. You may be wondering how you, too, can join this elite group. Well, I’ll tell you. Step 1: Have yourContinue reading “How to Get Bangs in Three Easy Steps”

Getting Into the Best Shape of My Life

While the fact I’ve never been fit or athletic has its drawbacks, it makes getting into the best shape of my life a pretty low bar. Summer 2017 is the golden era I currently hold up as my peak. I had graduated college and moved to a new city for a job. Without homework assignmentsContinue reading “Getting Into the Best Shape of My Life”

Making an Intricate 3D Paper Snowflake

For this week’s blog post, I made a 3D snowflake more intricate than any I’d made before. When I’ve made 3D snowflakes in the past, I made ones with far fewer connecting rungs, about 3-5. Below is baby one with just 3 rungs, with bonus sheet music. The one I made this week had 15Continue reading “Making an Intricate 3D Paper Snowflake”

“Lightning in a Bottle” is now on Youtube

Hello! Here is a Youtube video for my song, “Lightning in a Bottle.” I was thinking of putting it up on Youtube a while ago. For the video, my idea was for there to be someone on a couch reading a book, occasionally looking at their phone. Kind of to draw attention to the timeContinue reading ““Lightning in a Bottle” is now on Youtube”

“Lightning in a Bottle” – New Song!

This is a song I’m very excited to share. The lyrics are as follows: I swear I do like readingAnd I swear I do like writingBut it’s hard to concentrate these daysThere’s very little time I’ll tell you muse what you can doTo help me focus and improveA little change in circumstanceWould tame my wanderingContinue reading ““Lightning in a Bottle” – New Song!”

Quote-Pictures: Variations on Regret

I came up with some quotes and used the Phonto app to put them on photos I took. Here my three favorites. The origins of this project are pretty convoluted. This week, I had several ideas in mind for a potential project. One path would have been to write a song, this time in theContinue reading “Quote-Pictures: Variations on Regret”

“The Tyranny of Expectations” – new song

This song is about navigating expectations from society and yourself. The lyrics are below, as is a beautiful cover by my sister: Trying, failing, falling behindTreading water and wasting timeI’m scared, I’m scared, I’m terrifiedI’ve been given so much and I’ve let it die Shouldn’t I have accomplished more?In what domain I’m not quite sureI’mContinue reading ““The Tyranny of Expectations” – new song”

Song to learn U.S. states and capitals (of the Northeast!)

This is a song I worked on a few months ago. I wanted the song to be a memory/educational aid to help kids learn all 50 states and capitals. Turns out that 50 is a large number and makes a song quite unwieldy, so I cut it down to just the Northeast, as defined byContinue reading “Song to learn U.S. states and capitals (of the Northeast!)”

Blackout Poetry

I made a few blackout poems today. I made some in college for a creative writing assignment, and back then I used an email from the college president, printing it out and blocking out all the extraneous words with a thick sharpie. For these poems, I used two copies of a random work email IContinue reading “Blackout Poetry”

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