Things I’ve been thinking about

On weed-out classes ⁃ Someone might take an intro to computer science class and get spooked at the difficulty, never taking computer science again. Maybe the class was a weed-out class, intentionally designed so that only the most talented continue with the major. Can’t dumb down the curriculum. If the class was slowed down toContinue reading “Things I’ve been thinking about”

How to Sign Up for the Covid Vaccine

After becoming eligible for the vaccine, you’ll now have to traverse a maze of websites to sign up for a spot. I became eligible April 7, and after a few days, I was able to get an appointment. In this post, I’ll quickly share the sign-up process in the hopes that the example is useful.Continue reading “How to Sign Up for the Covid Vaccine”

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime

Spring is here, as is a parody version of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” to mark the season’s arrival. The idea for this song came many moons ago, when I came up with the lyrics, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime / Everywhere you go / Take a look atContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime”

New Lyric Video– learn all the Midwest states and capitals in 2 minutes! (Plus some ranting about technological snafus)

I made a Youtube video for my “Midwestern States and Capitals” song. I found a blank U.S. map on and filled in the color of each relevant state using MS Paint. Then I made a slide show using Google Slides and put the whole thing together using iMovie. Here is the end result: I’mContinue reading “New Lyric Video– learn all the Midwest states and capitals in 2 minutes! (Plus some ranting about technological snafus)”

The worst lyrics I’ve written yet

This is a song I’ve put off sharing for about 8 months. It’s a follow-up to my song “States and Capitals (of the Northeast!).” The new song is called, “Midwestern States and Capitals.” When editing a project, I sometimes become aware of how inconsistent the line lengths are, or how irregular the pattern of stressed/unstressedContinue reading “The worst lyrics I’ve written yet”

How to Get Bangs in Three Easy Steps

I think that my forehead’s too visibleI need something to make it invisibleI would close my eyes tightSo to block out the sightIf I wasn’t afraid to be risible This past week, I got bangs. You may be wondering how you, too, can join this elite group. Well, I’ll tell you. Step 1: Have yourContinue reading “How to Get Bangs in Three Easy Steps”

The Best Pointless iPhone Trick

Liven up your messages with animation effects! This can be done using iMessage and holding down the Send button. There is an animation effect for every occasion. Some of them produce a satisfying “buzz” effect too if you have a recent enough iPhone version. For this post, I send a bunch of messages to myContinue reading “The Best Pointless iPhone Trick”

The 3 Most Helpful iPhone Tricks That You May Not Have Heard of Yet

If you use an iPhone often, you likely rely on it for a whole host of purposes—navigating, staying informed, keeping in touch with friends and family. You may sign documents using a picture of your signature drawn in the Notes app, and you may re-stock on essential items by ordering them from your phone. YourContinue reading “The 3 Most Helpful iPhone Tricks That You May Not Have Heard of Yet”

New Song! “Blue Light Glasses”

For this week’s blog post, I wrote a song, since I haven’t written a song in a while. The inspiration comes from my eyes hurting after looking at a screen all day, which I’m sure is a lot of people’s experiences right now. It talks about blue light glasses being a bandaid solution for theContinue reading “New Song! “Blue Light Glasses””

Getting Into the Best Shape of My Life

While the fact I’ve never been fit or athletic has its drawbacks, it makes getting into the best shape of my life a pretty low bar. Summer 2017 is the golden era I currently hold up as my peak. I had graduated college and moved to a new city for a job. Without homework assignmentsContinue reading “Getting Into the Best Shape of My Life”

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